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My way

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in how emotional suffering comes about, what causes it and how it can be alleviated. What gives us strength, support and hope and what makes it possible for us to find fulfillment in life despite adversities.

In the search for answers and ways to help, my medical studies with subsequent experience in a psychiatric hospital was a first step.


The boundaries were quickly clear and I began my training as a psychotherapist. To get to know and understand yourself better and better was the main goal in addition to professional training. After a body-related psychotherapy, I did a 7-year training as an analytical psychologist according to CG Jung.


As an “always-seeker” I finally turned to alternative methods (transpersonal psychology), which have considerably expanded the previous idea of ​​what “healing” is possible. This healing work has now become an indispensable part of my work. For this I was and I still be in continuous further education - because there is no "end" to a human development. I smile as I write this.


Mental and physical complaints have in common that the life and love force has been lost or diminished.

On the collective level too, love for our living planet has faded into the background. Often the personal and the collective level are linked.


I will go on a search with you to find obstacles and blockages that prevent you from accessing your potential. To get healthy and well are development and change processes that need space, time and mindfulness from us - for ourselves and for others. Then blind spots can be discovered, the gaze can be reoriented and new shores can be opened up. The perspective changes and life force becomes free for reorientation and creativity

Primary and Further Education
"Intellect brings you to the door, but not into the house"




Studied and graduated from the University of Vienna

Doctor at the regional hospital Valduna / Vrlbg.

Doctor in the psychosomatic clinic / Rottal Inn





Training as an analyst to CG Jung at the

Ö. Society for Analytical Psychology / Vienna

CG Jung Institute / Zurich

Training in somatic psychotherapy (biosynthesis) Institute for Biosynthesis / Zurich / Heiden

as a teaching therapist and supervisor

Gestalt therapy at the Fritz Pearls Institute / Hückeswagen / Dt.

Transpersonal psychotherapy


Whole self therapy at JR and T. Turner / Amsterdam / Nl

Kapala training at Lama Tsultrim Allione / Switzerland


Aura Soma®

certified Aura Soma consultant



Healing work

Othmar Jenner / Berlin




Continuous training at Arthur Findley College / Stansted to promote media and healing work





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